Workforce Development

Increase local employment opportunities by:

• Supporting workforce training programs that prepare citizens for the jobs available in the community;

• Actively engaging our educational institutions including the universities, community college and public school systems to prepare students for employment; and

• Designing programs that address the employment challenges of displaced workers as well as formerly incarcerated citizens.


Invest resources to provide effective learning strategies for all students by:

• Working to provide the resources necessary to support successful learning models from pre-K through high-school;

• Supporting both college readiness and career readiness options in the public school system; and

• Supporting efforts to provide the necessary resources to school personnel to enable the delivery of high-quality education.

Quality of Life

Enhance the quality of life for Durham residents, particularly, our most vulnerable residents by:

• Supporting programs such as those addressing critical community needs such as housing, physical and mental health, safety, and nutrition that may be necessary to sustain individuals and families in our community;

• Encouraging partnerships to develop community-based solutions to community needs; and

• Providing comprehensive referral networks for individuals and families who need information regarding available community resources.